Sida acuta as an Herbal Remedy

Sida acuta as an Herbal Remedy

$35.00 per 25 plants
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    Plugs ship in May 2018

Sida acuta is a native perennial plant in the Mallow family that is found in the outer coastal plain of the United States.  There is a dozen or more Sida species that also grow in this region and numerous ecotypes of each.  In studying this plant in the wild for two years before we made a selection we found that one ecotype in particular was heavily used by wildlife, especially deer.  We began mass production and marketed the plants for wildlife applications not realizing that it was also a popular herbal remedy.

We offered samples of the plant material to new callers who were interested in Sida acuta as an herbal remedy who later reported that it provided excellent benefits.  Because of these reports we decided to expand our production.

We now offer seedling plugs that can be grown at home for personal usage and plan to offer dried plant material in the fall of 2016.

Plants are 35.00 per dozen with free shipping.

Below is a link to the website of famous herbalist, Stephen Buhner.  His book “Healing Lyme” contains a section about the benefits of Sida acuta.