Mitigation Mt. Gilead Stream Bank Restoration

Mitigation on the Aucilla River
Mt. Gilead, Aucilla River, Florida

Projects designed by us and accepted by Water Mgmt. to reclaim 3 roadbeds to mitigate for DOT wetland impact on Hwy. 98

Sites 1 and 2 were old roads that crossed through wetlands that had been closed off for years. No natural recruitment had taken place. Southern Habitats made a proposal to restore functional ground cover to the sites. The road bed was taken down to grade and swamp laurel oak (Quercus laurifolia) was planted throughout the site. We originally proposed seeding the site with Virginia Wildrye that originated close by and is commonly found in moist, shady areas along this river. This would have brought diversity to this site but they decided instead to go with the trees.

Site 3 transects three different wetlands and are in full sun so will support native warm-season grasses. We also installed live willow stakes and delineated wetlands with upland grasses.