Florida Bog Frog Restoration

Florida Bog Frog Habitat Restoration

The Florida Bog Frog inhabits an area of less than seven square miles.  It is found in western Florida in shallow in shallow ponds or creeks along tributaries of the East Bay, Shoal and Yellow Rivers in Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties.  We contracted with Florida Fish and Wildlife to enhance habitat along the Yellow River where this species is known to live.  It involved removing the canopy from both sides of this clear creek in five separate 150’x150′ rectangles.  We then treated the cut stumps with herbicide.

“The positive response in both floristic diversity and Florida bog frog usage of the Garnier Creek plot shown in the photo is the direct result of an initial restoration treatment, followed by routine long-term maintenance.”

-Megan Keserauskis Kunzer – Biological Scientist III, FWC