Native Seed Harvest Central Florida – 2018

We just harvested wiregrass and earlier maturing wildflower seed on Central Florida conservation land this past week and will return again this month to collect later maturing species. The seeds we collected from this site in 2017 were used to restore several hundred acres of native ground cover in Central Florida.

Here’s a sneak peek video of the harvest. The view is amazing.

The land system at this site is flatwoods. Some areas are wetter than others and support more FACW species while other areas are scrubbier and contain more FACU and UPL species. Wiregrass is the predominant groundcover. We keep the seed from the driest and wettest areas separated however the majority of it contains at least some Flatwoods and Sandhill species.

If you are interested in reserving some of this seed for an upcoming project or have questions on species, call us directly at 850-948-6294 or email