Wetland Mitigation

Wetland Mitigation

Often times natural wetlands are impacted when areas are being developed. Our government has a policy of “no net loss” to prevent the loss or degradation of wetlands. In an effort to offset damage to wetlands a system has developed by which impacts can be “mitigated” off-site by conducting various restoration practices to approved wetlands and surrounding areas as close to the development as possible.

When such wetland impacts are caused by government entities, the mitigation is usually performed on government conservation land through restoring natural hydrology and vegetation.

Private mitigation “banks” are approved, privately-owned lands set up for the same purpose, offering credits for sale to the private sector. Wetland impacts are measured and matched to certain practices that, when installed are considered sufficient remediation for the impact.

We serve this market by providing the seeds and plant material used to restore not only wetlands themselves, but also the herbaceous ground cover in the areas around them. These are fire adapted perennial native grasses and wildflowers and are the basis for a robust forest system by providing food and cover for birds, mammals and pollinators, and fine fuels for regular burning which keeps this system thriving.

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