Deer Hunters

Deer Hunters! Is this what you call deer hunting?

Deer Cover
  • Spending a fortune on corn, seed and fertilizer
  • Spending way too much non-hunting time in your plots
  • Having big bucks wait until dark to move
  • Food plots barren during summer when deer need food the most for milk and antler production

Talk about a rut! But the wrong kind!

Would you like to:

  • Have forage available for your deer all year long?
  • See more bucks using your plots in the daytime?
  • Hold deer on your property?
  • Save money on expensive fertilizer and seed?
  • Drastically reduce plot work, hence human presence?

The 'Wild Spectrum' Food Plot System

As every experienced deer hunter knows, understanding how deer use cover is the cornerstone for consistent success.

The use of selected native forage and cover species to recreate natural areas on hunting properties is a cutting edge concept. One that Southern Habitats is proving out in our demonstration plantings.

Wild Spectrum Food Plot Seed

For years, we have recognized the problems encountered by wildlife managers regarding food plots. There are simply too many variables for a "one size fits all" system.

Wild Spectrum is the product of countless hours of research and years of hunting, wildlife management, farming and establishment and management of native groundcover. Wild Spectrum breaks out of the traditional food plot seed mind-set and removes the barriers associated with it.

Here is a list of the species that we prescribe for the Wild Spectrum Food Plot System

Wild Spectrum:

  • Provides a year-round, nutrient-rich food source
  • Considers the browsing nature of deer, turkey and quail
  • Is customized based on your objectives, area and site
  • Minimizes yearly inputs like tillage and planting
  • Creates a natural setting, reducing game alertness
  • Has specific and feasible establishment and care instructions

Cool-season, warm-season, annual, and perennial; natives and some select introduced species are custom mixed to provide both food and cover in a natural design. This integrated approach evolved from years of experience in site-specific native seed mixes and is producing stunning results.

The species we have in production were chosen because they are so highly preferred by deer. They already seek these plants in the wild.

Many of the plants we supply are perennials. They come back every year from the roots and don't need to be planted again.

Deer Cover

Solve your food plotting problems in 3 steps:

  1. Fill out a simple worksheet about your site and objectives
  2. Take a soil sample from your plots or proposed plot sites
  3. Submit the worksheet and soil sample

We will use this information to create and send to you a customized prescription with complete pricing information.

When you place an order, you will receive a kit complete with:

  1. Premium quality seeds, tubelings and bare root plants
  2. Precise, site specific instructions for the first of three annual task periods.
  3. Information on how to use cover species in the food plot
  4. Selected native species which wild animals are naturally attracted to
  5. Selected proven commercial forage species such as clovers and cereals

Let us help you with the Wild Spectrum Food Plot System

Give Wild Spectrum a try. Fill out and submit the worksheet and we will take it from there.

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